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Plan Review: Text Messaging (Part 1)

If you or someone in your family is in the market for a phone upgrade, or new activation, it a good idea to know your SMS options. Besides choosing the right phone, you need to choose the right usage plans for not only data and talk, but also for texting. SMS messaging has taken mobile communication to new levels and leading the change are teens. The amount of messages sent by adults is pretty staggering, but teens and young adults definitely have more inflated numbers. Here are some text messaging statistics to consider.
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Text Messaging Facts
  • 196.9 billion texts are sent/received per month
  • 72% of these from adults texting
  • 88% of all texts are to make plans with others
  • 87% of teens message daily
  • 43% of teens say texting is the most important feature on their phone
  • 80% of teens have been in trouble for a high texting bill
Keeping these numbers in mind when choosing a plan for yourself or your family. If you choose the wrong messaging plan or no messaging, you could end up with unwanted and costly overages. We recommend starting at a high message threshold even if you think that you will not be texting much. After a few months, analyze your usage of messages by the numbers and decide if the plans still suites you. There is no penalty for switching a messaging plan in the middle of your current contract.
Ask youself this...
  • How often will I send text messaging - Consider your amount daily, weekly, monthly. Think of situations where messaging may be preferred to calling - such as loud environments which make hearing difficult, or quiet environments like a library when talking is not possible. Consider your kids or family members habits too.
  • Who will I be text messaging - Some plans have free mobile to mobile messaging. Other plans may have an allowance. A good practice is to start high (even if you think that you will not be texting much) and then lower the amount if needed.
  • How often will I receive text message - Every text counts as usage on your plan, both sent and received. Banks, tv shows, book clubs, and many others send out send out text message alert. Consider the ones you get or signed up for.
After a few months, you'll get a better idea of your habits. Analyze your usage of messages by the numbers and decide if you need that plan. There is no penalty for switching a messaging plan in the middle of your current contract. Another option is to control the usage of individuals on your plan or give yourself limits. Usage allowances enable you to set the limits for messages that can be used during a billing cycle. It also will send an alert when you are close to your allowance. If you are a parent with a fast-fingered offspring, parental controls allow you to set when messages can be sent, and to/from whom messages can be sent or received. You can access this on the "My Verizon" portal for your account. Text messaging can be a very convenient and inexpensive way to communicate as long as you get the right plan and monitor your family's usage.

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