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Corporate Staff

The dedication and professionalism of our employees is what made Wireless Zone® the Largest Wireless Franchisor in the U.S.

Niki Addington – AdOne
Craig Ahrens-Administration & Legal
Matt Altadonna – Information Technology
Ryan Archie – Field Support
Samantha Archie - Finance
Peter Asnes - Field Support
Dan Babajanyan - Finance
Marie Barranco - Information Technology
Al Barranco – Procurement
Vickie Bennett – Administration & Legal
Daniel Bolduc - Finance
Tyrell Brazier – Warehouse
Michael Broe – Corporate Stores
Nancy Bunnell - Human Resources
Roberto Capossela – Warehouse
Craig Christensen - AdOne
Joseph Clarizio - Information Technology
Edgardo Contreras - Procurement
Desiree Cormier – Finance
Jason Crane - Field Support
Steve Crozier – Warehouse
Kayla Currie – AdOne
Colin Darling – Corporate Stores
Janice Davidson - AdOne
Jill Davies - Administration
Daniel Delgado - Warehouse
Jonathan Delgrosso - Field Support
Mark DiBacco – Information Technology
Lisa Dolishny – Information Technology
Kevin Downs - AdOne
John Dufour - Information Technology
Peter Dunbar - AdOne
Keith Dziki – Franchise Development
Steve Evanuska - Field Support
Nancy Finnegan - Administration & Legal
John Forte – Information Technology
Drew Furrow –Field Support
Tommy Garcia – Warehouse
Maya Garner – Corporate Stores
Anthony Giannone - Franchise Development
Laurie Gordon – Administration & Legal
Andrew Hartig-Finance
Dave Haryasz - Field Support
Ryan Herrick - Field Support
Joe Johnson - Administration
Stephanie Johnston - Administration & Legal
Don Josephson - Administration & Legal
Brian Kelly - Finance
David Kirk – Warehouse
Courtney Kowal-Field Support
Amy Kulas - Customer Service
Shivesh Kumar - Information Technology

Janet Labanara –Franchise Development
Peter Lachapelle-Corporate Stores
Kevin LaJoie - Finance
Mike Laloggia - Field Support
Steve Lewkowicz – Finance
Anthony Mastromarino - Procurement
Kyle Manjuck - Finance
Scott McGarry – Field Support
Alexander McKeown - Operations
Renee McNair - Operations
Sebastian Miano – Information Technology
Joanne Miano - Finance
Todd Morey - Field Support
Matt Murphy – Customer Service
Brian Murtari - Information Technology
Tina Nebiolo-Operations
Clay Neff-Franchise Development
Shelley Nemic – Information Technology
Dave Nichols - Warehouse
Diane O'Brien - Human Resources
Jeff Panella - Field Support
Joe Pantaleo - Warehouse
Richard Parr - Finance
Chris Perun – Warehouse
Andrew Petardi - Finance
Michael Reilly – Information Technology
Mike Reinhard – Finance
Brandon Robertson - Field Support
Robert Roccanti – Field Support
Jamie Sabbatini - Field Support
Douglas Sager – Operations
Laura Sedgwick – Information Technology
Bonnie Sharon - AdOne
Mike Shramek - Field Support
Lisa Simmons - Field Support
Kevin Sinclair – Managing Director
Nate Sierer – Field Support
Glen Snyder - Franchise Development
Andrea Sorg – AdOne
Shawn Spence - Warehouse
David Staszewski - Field Support
Susan Suhr - Administration & Legal
Shannon Terebesi-Field Support
Brett Thomas-Field Support
Abner Velasco – Warehouse
James Vincent - Training
Howard Weinstein - Finance
Cynthia Wendt - Administration & Legal
William West - Warehouse
Eva Young - Administration & Legal
Gary Young- Training
Mike Zuest – Field Support

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